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Ursula vs. Queen Narissa - who would win?

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    They’re both awesome, but I’m gonna go with Ursula!
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  9. gasplynfox answered: Ursula, of course :)
  10. mousekewitzcorner answered: Ursula
  11. karynchaotic answered: URSULA.
  12. itsajollyholidaywithseth answered: Ursula
  13. you-mykryptonite answered: Ursula jajaja :)
  14. sprinklestar answered: Queen Narissa…more magical (think so)
  15. coco19 answered: Ursula
  16. musicaltad answered: Ursula!
  17. guacamori answered: Ursula!
  18. doggbreth answered: Ursula!
  19. zombi02 answered: Ursula.
  20. kacc21 answered: Ursula!!!
  21. isthistherealifeoristhisafantasy answered: Queen Narissa
  22. jpskirmse answered: URSULA!! Narissa is just a POOR UNFORTUNATE SOUL!
  23. camembertlylegal answered: ursula!
  24. mk1228 answered: depends where they are fighting. if it’s a land battle then Narissa has the upper hand. However, if it’s in the ocean then Ursula will win.
  25. disneyobsessedtheatergeek answered: Ursula if she has the trident. If she doesn’t…. Still Ursula because I don’t relly like Queen Narissa XD
  26. dignified-and-old answered: Honestly, how is this even a question? Ursula, always.
  27. dreamalittledreamof answered: ursula
  28. lobstermachete answered: Pffft, Ursula.
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  30. the-queen-narissa answered: Me of course.
  31. bucketofchum answered: Ursula.
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  33. theycomeflockingtomycauldron answered: You poor unfortunate soul, of course I would win this battle! OOC: URSULA ALL THE WAY!
  34. rainyjolene answered: Ursula!
  35. sideponytailanimewife answered: Ursula, definitely
  36. bruttafaccia answered: Ursula
  37. alvav019 answered: Ursula would put Narissa in concrete shoes… sleeping with the fishes indeed.
  38. smalls answered: ursula duh
  39. itsmyaddytude answered: Ursula!!!!!!!!
  40. kaleidoscope-champagne answered: Ursula!
  41. lebed answered: Ursula, obviously.
  42. -little-owl- answered: Ursula!!!