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Lady Tremaine vs. Madame Medusa - who would win?

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    I’d say Medusa! While Lady Tremaine is a calm and evil woman, Medusa really get her panties in a twist if something goes...
  2. prettyfulwonders answered: Tremaine
  3. katyspired answered: madame medusa
  4. iliketowritesometimes answered: step mom
  5. aarthurbragad answered: Tremaine
  6. felippesg answered: Lady Tremaine
  7. lobstermachete answered: Lady Tremaine
  8. mell-oh-dee answered: Lady Tremaine<3 She’s more sneaky coniving evil whereas Madame Medusa is just crazy as hell :/
  9. oddfangirl answered: Madame Medusa
  10. ebonysea answered: Lady Tremaine
  11. jachelrames answered: Medusa
  12. coco19 answered: Medusa
  13. zombi02 answered: Tremaine. I bet she fights dirty.
  14. zombie-sharks answered: I’m thinking Madame Medusa. She seemed just a little bit crazier and more willing to get her hands dirty.
  15. theprodigaldaughtersramblings answered: Tremaine. She’d lure her into a false sense of security and then strike!
  16. jklunn answered: Lady Tremaine. She takes care of business herself, where Madame Medusa is a little too cowardess to take matters into her own hands.
  17. thedoctorshufflepuff answered: Lady Tremaine
  18. laughhappily answered: Lady Tremaine. That bitch has transportation like no other crazy mother fucker!
  19. camembertlylegal answered: lady tremaine
  20. awondrousplacee answered: Lady Tremaine
  21. roguepirateroxie answered: Medusa!
  22. princesshannah-banana answered: Tremaine. She’s one crazy mofo
  23. somethingcutesomethingdisney answered: Madame medusa
  24. draconicshinx answered: Lady Tremaine
  25. sweetcheesyjesus answered: Lady Tremaine
  26. raiilynezz answered: Madame Medusa D:
  27. banesidhe answered: Lady Tremaine. Stone cold biotch.
  28. terreau answered: Lady Tremaine. Medusa’s got sidekicks too, but they’re not as evil as Lady Tremaine’s daughters imo…
  29. complexum answered: Lady Tremaine :3
  30. whydontyoudoright answered: Lady Tremaine, absolutely.
  31. adri-ane answered: Lady Tremaine, of course.
  32. dragqueensipod answered: Madame Medusa
  33. tysis11 answered: Lady Tremaine
  34. clockworkfaoladh answered: Madame Medusa
  35. alexanderfp answered: Lady Tremaine
  36. geekdonnatroy answered: Lady Tremaine
  37. fridaynightgarrus answered: Personally Madame Medusa scared me more as a kid. o_o
  38. lionkingfreak answered: Madame Medusa
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    This is a really good question.
  40. unreasonablyme answered: Lady Tremaine HANDS DOWN
  41. originalmeaningofalternative answered: I say Lady Tremaine…she seems far more manipulative and cunning.
  42. what-once-was-mine answered: Lady Tremaine
  43. createdxmyth answered: madame medusa all the way
  44. youletmeflyforever answered: madame medusa, scary lady. :D
  45. horrorqueenharlot answered: Madame Medusa
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